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 from  Boat International USA  September/October 2005

Refit Yards Across the Globe | ROLLY MARINE SERVICE

Rolly Marine Service


While European yachts dominated the work order list at Rolly's Fort Lauderdale location, domestic vessels made
a significant contribution, all in all keeping this popular facility quite busy.  In the Azimut range, Rolly worked with
two 116ft yachts, two 80ft Carat yachts, and three of the 98ft Leonardo series.  Work entailed everything from a
complete bow rebuild due to a collision to custom installed features and stabilizer work.  Five 115ft Classics from
the Benetti brand were also visitors to Rolly for factory work and custom installations, as well as Ferrettis including
five 94ft CRNs and a 101ft CRN that received complete custom painting. 


From the American set they've seen three exhaust modifications from a variety of 80ft and 94ft Lazzaras and custom
cockpit extensions on two 98ft Westports
both of which  increased their speed by at least four knots.  The latter is
a specialty for the facility which excels in the performance category, focusing on drive train analysis, vibration
elimination, and speed increases.